Varied catering and banquets

If you are looking for splendid options of food serving, you will find the thing here. Thanks to our plentiful experience, our Chefs internships and various social events providing in our resort, we brought catering and banquets to absolute excellence.

Just taste it !

Service options:

  • Catering for your presentations, companies celebrations and important events
  • Receptions for your seminars, workshops, family celebrations
  • We have a lot of experience in preparing both small banquets, family celebrations and large banquets for up to 300 people organized in our region or in the capital city of Prague
  • We need only minimal facilities to prepare reception, we have our own inventory and skilled lovely hostesses who serve in our resort regularly at weddings or at the restaurant
  • We try to access all clients individually and we make an offer to their needs and wishes

Catering k výročí společnosti Hagemann

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Catering k výročí společnosti SATUM

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Raut for workshops in Dolní oblast Vítkovice

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Raut to the occasion of Beata Rajská fashion show

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