The original celebrations and parties

Say goodbye to boring celebration and awake a desire for a unique celebration which is hidden in you.

Our resort is created as a perfect and unique place for a celebration in the style of rural traditions, retro parties, events with a taste of faraway places and other distributive celebrations. The base of it is its original and incomparable style of indoor and outdoor space. Let yourself to be absorbed by them and fulfill your wishes for never-to-be-forgotten celebration.

Variety of celebrations

  • Family celebrations both small and large
  • Parties with friends accompanied by live music
  • Tasting dinners, tastings of wines and cognacs
  • Events can be organized in our restaurant with a capacity of 28 persons or in the hall with a capacity of 85 persons. Both places underline the atmosphere of nature and stylishly furnished countryside.
  • We also offer other services that will guarantee a fun and unforgettable experience - degustation dinner in the garden house, paddling on the pond, boating nearby river, horse riding, spectacular tasting experience, mini zoo visiting, picnic, outdoor games, babysitting and programs for children, playground and much more.

Visit an overview of our activities and choose the option that suits you the most.

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