Activities in our resort

Whether looking for an active and playful experience or a perfect space for lazing around, the whole range of options is open here for you. Let yourself indulge in multiple experience. Everything is invented in a way that everyone will find his here. We will appreciate your feedback, whether we are doing it well.

Have fun with us

Degustation diner/lunch in the gazebo
1 290 Kč/person
Horse riding
300 Kč/hour
Carriage ride pulled by horses
1 990 Kč/hour
Mountain bike renting
290 Kč/halfday 
390 Kč/day 
Electro-bike renting
490 Kč/halfday 
590 Kč/day 
Skooter renting 
590 Kč/halfday
790 Kč/day 
Boat renting
100 Kč/hour
Boat renting - sail around the Mill
590 Kč/halfday
790 Kč/day 
Outdoor games lending:
Volleyball playground
120 Kč/hour  
390 Kč/hour 
90 Kč/hour  
90 Kč/hour  
Picnic in the nature (incl. food)
from 590 Kč/halfday  
Sausage grill at the sluice (incl. food)
600 Kč/4 people
100 Kč/for other extra person
Miller's Museum 
The Miller's Museum with a guided tour *
500 Kč/tour
Animator for children - during summer vacation *
250 Kč/hour per child
Nature trail
Mini ZOO
Herb garden
Playground for children
Running and exercises in the nature
Helicopter flight *
12 000 Kč/hour max. for 3 people

* advance booking necessary

Tips for every moment ... you can spendwith us

Equestrian Club and horse riding

If you are a fan of horse beauty in our resort you can see and visit these amazing creatures, arrange a ride for yourself or entertain the kids on pony rides. Our meadows are just made for these activities and there is no doubt that you too will love it here.

  • Horse stabling
  • Horse or pony riding
  • Horsemanship teaching

Experience tasting menu in the summer house

Prepare yourself for a memorable gastronomic experience and enjoy the unique moments. The tasting menu will be served in our wooden summer house where you can enjoy complete privacy whether you are meeting with a business partner or with your loved one.

Picnic idyll

Enjoy a beautiful day on a picnic on the grass and leave all your worries flow. We will provide you with our home-made goodies and lemonade so you can peacefully laze about. The result is guaranteed. There is simply nothing equal to this coziness.

Mountain and electric bikes renting

Letˈs have a ride on the wave of experiences and take a ride on our bikes around the neighborhood. Whether you love to step into bicycle pedals with all your strength or you appreciate the little "extra juice", we have prepared for you either mountain bikes or electric ones that will easily help you overcome even the local hills. With ourown care, we also prepared for you an interesting tips and places to visitnearby. So go ahead and get on!

A scooter renting

If you appreciate faster transportation to get to know our beautiful region, we will gladly lend you a scooter, with whom browse around with the wind in your hair giving you more time for other activities that await you.

Boats renting

Both, a gently tuned individuals and their beloved will appreciate a romantic boat sail. Rent a boat on the pond and enjoy its tranquility. With our basket full of home-made goodies you will enjoy these moments very much.

Or go ahead to adventure and try white water rafting on Opava river with inflatable boat. We will provide you with a snack from our restaurant.

Outdoor games for the whole family …. and all friends

Is the weather nice and you are wondering where to you and what to do? Have fun with family and friends. Gather them to our mill and enjoy the fun that will bring you back to your beautiful carefree time of childhood. Test your skills and have a day full of laugh.

  • Crafty pétanque = Have fun naughty balls running over the vast meadows, just be careful - do not wake up our water Goblin man.
  • Badminton = practice your sharp eye and style in outdoor weather conditions, will the wind overcome you or laugh?
  • Skittles for the whole family = return to the time of our grandmothers and enjoy the game of skittles which brought to the existence bowling ... original is the only one.
  • Volleyball Tournament = we all already experienced them during the school years, but now your reward will be waiting for you at our Millerˈs restaurant - the best goodies you have ever eaten. Enjoy the volleyball on the lawn as in earlier times, when people were satisfied just with nice piece of nature and good company of their friends ... The entertainment and fun is what they were look after.


Learn the traditional art and craft of miller skills. Our exhibition includes the original plans, photographs, maps and models illustrating the development of mills in the past and common objects of everyday miller and his assistants work. You'll learn what was millers craft, what were their privileges and obligations which they had to observe.

  • free tours free of charge available or guided tours at request

Herbal garden

Can you feel that smell, which reminds us all the time of our grandmothers? These are our herbs grown in the Miller garden. All herbs are used in our kitchen. Let smell them and take your children and teach them about each species. Do not worry if you are not sure, each herb has its name label.

Educational trail

If you are eager for knowledge, or would like to expand your children's curiosity, we have built a nature trail for you where you can learn about fables of our resort and have a beautiful walk through the nature.

Cute Mini Zoo

Yes, this is our playpen full of animals, blooming flowers, and horse paddock. Our ponies, donkey Guci, a goat with his wife, sheep, geese and ducks are waiting here for you. The most beautiful season is spring, when we welcome our new born.

  • Greet them with us and enjoy its beauty. We will be glad if you bring them dry bread. Just please do not feed them with anything else.

Walk and snacks at the weir

After conquering all nature trails, visiting the stables with horses and merry mini zoo, you can come up to the weir, indulge yourself in natural and calming sound of water. What we recommend you to take with you are our sausages on a barbecue or picnic basket so you will not get hungry.


Joy on the faces of all children will call up our ladders and attractions of all kinds that can be found on our playground. You get a well-deserved time for a delicious cup of coffee and relax sitting or lying on a blanket in the grass or sitting place nearby.

Children animator

For the entertainment of your children during celebrations or weddings our animator Magda will happily take care of them. Your kids will enjoy a lot of fun during the program that she prepares for them with love and joy.

Running and exercises

Vast meadows and trails will encourage you to putt on your running shoes or try other various kinds of physical activities. Whether you are a supporter of functional training or if you prefer slow forms of exercise, our resort will give you a beautiful place where you can actively absorb the energy.

For our pets only the best

We also think of your four-legged friends. Compensate their devotion and take your dogs for a walk around our resort. We hope that you each enjoy the tranquility, nature and exploration of surrounding countryside. In return, please always think of others who use the resort and collect after your pets collect everything they left. Thus, we all will be happy.

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