Experiences with horses and ponies

We want to be open to the widest possible range of horse lovers and enable them a contact with the romance of horses.

Thanks to the easy accessibility of thislocation and beautiful surroundings of Opava river our resort with its area of 26 hectares brings ideal conditions for an equestrian center.

Quality and level of the equestriantraining at all levels, from beginners to those with sportive ambitions, isensured by our qualified trainers and trained instructors. Horse training isconducted under the guidance of a professional trainer with whom our ridingclub closely cooperates.


  • recondition and recreational horse riding, tourism
  • led walk on horse or on a pony
  • horse riding course
  • advanced riders (clients) training and their preparation for participation in equestrian competitions
  • the possibility of private horses inclusion into preparation course for dressage and jumping competitions (always according to individual agreement)
  • Private horses stabling (without the obligation of membership in the Equestrian club)

Monika Nestrojová

Operator of the equestrian area   |  +420 606 786 676   |   info@nestado.cz   


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