Our home made products

Taste our home made products prepared with love of the countryside and its traditions. All products are made from carefully chosen materials and you can purchased  in our restaurant "U Mlynáře" or we can prepare them as a gift package for your loved ones or for your clients.

You can choose from several delicacies, which we are sure you know from our restaurant. These include our exquisite chicken pate, lard with cracklings, preserved cooked bacon or sausages with excellent beer bars.

Sweet-tooth will be delighted by homemade jam with 85% fruit or our sweet delicacies such as homemade Wallachian honey, also in the variant with nuts, herbal teas with fruit picked in our meadows, butter cookies baked with love, various species of homemade pralines, or so popular fruit chutney.

See the catalog below and choose the right pleasure with which you can endow your loved ones, family,friends, business partners or employees.

Contact ususlamy@uslamy.cz andwe will prepare your package tailored to your needs. 

We wish you bon appetit!

Domácí pochutiny

DSC_0371-kom.jpg DSC_0389-kom.jpg DSC_0483-kom1.jpg DSC_0489-kom.jpg DSC_0527-kom.jpg DSC_0502-kom.jpg DSC_0552-kom.jpg DSC_0606-kom.jpg DSC_0670-1kom.jpg DSC_0649-kom.jpg DSC_0678-kom.jpg DSC_0684-kom.jpg DSC_1173-1-min.jpg

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