Price for the package:
5 600 CZK/night

Sport package

A sports package is prepared for those who loves the joy of movement, but also enjoyour unique rural environment and after the exercise recharge their batteries eitherin the beautiful nature around or having a delicious dinner at our restaurant.

And what await you during your stay here? Highly recommended are trips on bike around Opava and Ostrava. For those that would have not dare to climb the hills around, but still would love to see the beauty of our meadows and groves we can rent even anelectric bike that will become your loyal assistant on the road. You can alsorent a boat for a boat ride around the mill and we will provide you with a snacksfor your trips. And we believe that horse riding just underline unforgettable experience spend in our mill resort.

However, that does not have to be an end. You can choose from other options our picturesque resort offers to you.

Get inspired ….

The package contains:

Accommodation for two people two nights including breakfast

A three-course degustation dinner for two people

Mountain bikes or electric bikes renting

Boat renting including snack

Pobytové taxy

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